Imperial Units 🇺🇸

You can now set F1Laps to display imperial units. When using imperial units, F1Laps will display all speed values of a lap's telemetry data in miles per hour (mph) as opposed to kilometers per hour (kph).

You can change between metric and imperial in your F1Laps Profile Settings:

We will continue to apply localized units when we release more data.

Thanks to  Corey Mason  for the suggestion! 🙌 

Improved In-App Navigation

Today we've updated the navigation of the app: It now includes links to the Setups directory, the lap times Leaderboard, as well as the AI Difficulty Calculator. The Tracks navigation item was moved to this new navigation section.

This improvement allows you to easily access in the app the content that was previously only featured on public pages. This way, you have all F1Laps content right within the app. 

Thanks to user  CoryTP  for the great suggestion! 👍

New, simpler lap times filter

Today we've released a small update on the lap times list page. It's now even easier to filter and sort your laps!

New "recent" and "fastest" toggle

With this new toggle you can easily sort your laps by:

  • Most recent: the newest lap first, the oldest last
  • Lap time: the fastest lap first, the slowest last

Equal cars only

Use the "equal cars only" filter to only show game modes in which the cars don't get upgrades. This includes Time Trial, Multiplayer, Grand Prix, and Championship. It excludes My Team and Driver Career modes, in which the car performance is not comparable to other modes, because of the different development stages. 

More filters

The old filters are still there, just in a slightly new place. Filter by team, game mode, and weather conditions.

👉   Check it out now at!

Adding F1Laps to iOS or Android home screen

Currently, F1Laps does not offer any mobile apps. However, our entire website is 100% optimized for mobile usage. So you can simply open it in your mobile phone's browser and you get the full app experience.

💡 You can also add F1Laps to your mobile phone's home screen. This makes the entire experience almost as seamless as a native mobile app.

It's easy to do this:
  1.  Open your phone's native browser (Safari on iOS, or Chrome on Android)
  2. Open F1Laps in the browser (you could also open the F1Laps dashboard if you'd like to navigate straight to the dashboard instead)
  3. In your browser's menu, click on add to home screen. This looks slightly differently in iOS vs. Android - see sample images below.
  4. Save the home screen shortcut!
This way, you have a F1Laps home screen button like any other app!

iOS Browser Menu

Android Browser Menu

Leaderboard Lap Comparison

🚨 We're excited to release one of the most requested features: the ability to compare laps from the public leaderboards with your own laps. 🚨

All laps on the leaderboard that have telemetry data now have a "Compare your best lap" link. Simply click this link, and F1Laps will take you to your best applicable lap and show a full telemetry comparison.

We automatically retrieve your fastest valid Time Trial lap on the corresponding track that has telemetry data available. You might get an error that no lap is available if you have imported no lap on the corresponding track, or your laps don't have telemetry data. If you only have invalid laps, we will use the fastest invalid lap. Similarly, if you don't have any Time Trial laps, we will use the fastest lap from other game modes.

We plan to extend this feature in the future. We're planning to let you compare with any of your laps. And also let you compare your own laps any way you like. Stay tuned for updates!

Please comment below if you have any questions or feedback for improvement 👇

Supporting Leagues (feedback requested!)

Hi all,

One of the bigger projects that we'd like to explore in the future is how F1Laps can better support multiplayer leagues. We hope to provide a way for leagues to easily and automatically track results and give everyone in the league access to the data online.

💭 How can F1Laps best support the leagues you race in?

We'd love to collect any input or ideas you have. Please comment in this thread. If you prefer, you can also send us an email at 

Thanks in advance! We will keep everyone posted on progress in this thread. 

Public Leaderboard

🎉 We're excited to introduce our public Leaderboards! 🎉

The leaderboards will show the fastest lap times on each track. By default, the leaderboard only shows time trial laps in dry conditions. You can remove those filters if you also want to see race laps.

Keep in mind that career mode cars (incl. My Team) will have higher performance than normal spec cars, and hence it's easier to achieve fast lap times in career mode. With the default time trial filter, you'll get a more "fair" comparison.

Note that we only show valid laps on the leaderboard.

🚨 Important: please opt into showing your username on the leaderboard, if desired. By default we hide your username and use a generic, fake username, like "lewish_0db3". You can opt into showing your real username in your F1Laps profile settings.

F1 2021 Game Support

Hi all,

This post will be used to inform you about the status of our F1 2021 game support. F1Laps will of course support F1 2021.

ℹ️ We're aiming to have support for F1 2021 ready when the game launches on July 16, 2021.

You can continue using F1 2020 in F1Laps as well. We plan to introduce a profile setting that allows you to switch between game versions. This way you can use any game version and easily switch between them.

As a side note, most of our energy is currently going into supporting the next game version. This is why you see fewer new feature releases. We're excited to get come to new features soon!

Please subscribe to this post to get updates.

Update: the Telemetry App now supports F1 2021 

📣 We're excited to share that the most recent telemetry app version, v2.0.0, now supports F1 2021. It was released today, July 10th. Just download the new version and start it as usual. The app will automatically detect which game version you're using (F1 2020 or F1 2021) and sync your race data accordingly to F1Laps.
Also, we've released a new setting in the "Edit profile" menu on the website. You can switch between F1 2020 and F1 2021. Based on this setting, you will see your data of the corresponding game throughout F1Laps. You can switch back & forth anytime.

Stay tuned for more F1 2021 release news soon!

👇 Leave comments below if you have any feedback or requests for our F1 2021 game support 👇

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